Why FCI?

-        If you are unable to provide Commercial Insurances, and unable or unwilling to wait the typical 30-60 days for invoice payment, FCI can help!

-        If you have consultant experience, and are looking for a quality firm to represent you, FCI can help!

-        If you need someone with an existing MSA for a particular client, FCI has active MSAs with over 40 clients!  Call us, FCI can help!


Resume Submission Process:

Please provide the following:

-        Current Resume and Cover Letter in a Microsoft Word Format reflecting appropriate experience for the position(s) interested in.

-        Include industry related references.

-        For well site position, please include a current Well Control Certificate.

-        For all positions, include any current safety certificates.


Email submissions to info@frearconsulting.com


Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!



Click here to view and edit a resume template in a .doc format if needed