FCI is committed to an incident free operation and to provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible. This goal is accomplished through educational, health and safety programs designed to equip each employee with the knowledge to maintain such an environment. FCI’s quality as a provider of Well-Site supervisors is directly related to the quality of its people and management’s ability to care for the company’s most valuable asset, its people. FCI recognizes that a work environment free of hazards and employees that are mindful of health and safety essentials are indispensable to FCI, our clients and most importantly, our employee’s.

Our policy is to conduct all operations safely and responsibly. Safety will never be sacrificed for production. To this end, we hold every supervisor accountable for the safety of his operation, and we task each supervisor with promoting and improving upon this culture. We train our employees in incident prevention and expected safety behaviors. We also empower them to stop production should a safety concern arise. With training and empowerment as the cornerstones of our culture, our safety program is built for success.

The benefits of creating a culture with safety at the core of our values are endless. With safety leading the way, the health and wellness of our employee improves, our reputation in the oil and gas industry is strengthened and our continued success is guaranteed.